I Can Make Hospital Food SO Much Better!

One day during my first hospital project, I invited my pal @rodneybowers to cook lunch with us. We cooked a totally local lunch from scratch, and it was February in Ontario. We roasted turkeys, potatoes & beets. Rod made a mushroom consommé and quick pickles and we had an apple & sour cherry crumble for dessert. The plates were fresh and inviting, staff members followed their noses into the kitchen wondering what on earth was happening. The answer: we’re COOKING! Patients were thrilled with the meal, and the staff were excited to serve it. And when I finally crunched the numbers, we only spent $0.33 more per patient than we were already spending on food ingredients. For a small investment, I can produce an exponentially better experience, and THAT’S why I’m doing this. I need your support to get these lessons out to other hospitals! This change IS possible, friends. We just have to choose it. Support my crowdfunding campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/takebackth…/take-back-the-tray

#institutionalfood #localfood

#hospitalfood #institutionalfood #kickstarter #sustainability #socialgastronomy #localfood

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