Action: Get your $25 Loblaws card & donate it!

Around the holidays the news broke about Loblaws admitting to have engaged in price fixing for a few years. It's a longer story that you can read about here. But essentially, they've attempted to get in front of this by offering all Canadians (who fit a very loose criteria) a $25 Loblaws gift card in apology for this little slip.

Of course social media lit up with this talk, and I saw the very smart Gail Vaz Oxlade tweet about getting the card and donating it to a food bank. I was instantly on fire with this idea, doing the math in my head about how much money could be donated to food organizations and marvelling at the opportunity for some subversive action.

The offer still stands, and is open until May 8, 2018. Get your card, then donate it to organizations like The Stop, FoodShare & the Daily Bread Food Bank.

My pal Mark Kenny shared the #Donate_25 hashtag to watch the story unfold. If even a million of us do this, our community food organizations could see a $25 million injection of food resources, with the freedom to purchase as they need to. Wouldn't that be amazing?! Who knows how deep and dirty this price fixing racket actually is? We may never actually know the truth. But we've gotta know that making it rain with $25 gift cards to all qualifying Canadians is cheaper than dealing with any other option, both from a penalty and reputation standpoint. So take the money! Then use the money to support community food organizations that desperately need more inventory. This is easy action, peeps! Get involved!

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