Parabere puts women's vision at the table.

I had the honour of speaking at the Parabere Forum this year in Barcelona. For me, this moment marked 15 years since I had left culinary school, and as I tinkered away at my notes before my talk, I had a moment of deep gratitude, reflecting on the career that has emerged from 15 years' worth of leaps of faith. My Parabere connection introduced me to other women with similar lives and stories, women who were passionate cooks who were also driven to support and nurture their communities, women who took big bites and embraced challenges, and perhaps most important, women who didn't fit the mold for how the world understands what it means to be a chef. I felt like I had found my tribe, and returned home so much richer for all of the connection that weekend offered.

I am so looking forward to the inspiration and connections that will happen in Malmo next March! Join us in this beautiful place, for another fantastic weekend of "improving gastronomy with women's vision."

#parabereforum #womeningastronomy #halfthepopulation #findingmytribe

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