Welcome to joshnamaharaj.com!

Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled to welcome you all to my website! I have had such fun putting this together, and I’m so happy to finally share it with all of you.

Primarily, this site will serve as the home for my work on the web. As it grows, I hope to also use it to start conversations, build a community, teach and inspire people to connect to good food and have more fun in the kitchen!

So what am I up to now? I left my position as the Executive Chef at The Gladstone Hotel in July. It was not the plan I had made, but life is full of surprise twists and new directions, right? I’ve returned to my life as a one-woman-show, and have enjoyed some downtime that has included no-alarm wake ups, a daily yoga practice, and of course, great meals.

What I am most excited about now is that I’ve taken the leap into the world of writing, and have started working on a book with a wonderful editor and agent. I’ve dreamed about this for a while now, and all of the pieces seem to be falling nicely into place. There are so many important lessons learned from my work rebuilding food services in hospitals and universities, and I’ve really got a fire inside of me to share them with others and push this revolution forward.

As with my writing, I continue to be very involved with projects and initiatives at the community level, and this website will be where you can find regular updates and information on what I’m currently working on.

Need a dynamite speaker for your next event? Are you an institution or organization looking to put more fresh, local food on your plates? Looking for a chef to teach and inspire your team about good food & sustainability? I can help! Send me a message and let's start talking.

Thanks for visiting, and check back regularly for fresh content!



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