#brownbagit to end hunger in Canada

I've teamed up with the lovely folks at Action Against Hunger for their #brownbagit lunch campaign fundraiser. This organization works in tireless and creative ways to increase awareness about and advocate for an end to hunger here in Canada and around the world. This campaign is a fun, delicious way for everyone to get involved. Here's the idea: pack yourself a lunch from home, and then donate the money you would have spent on purchasing lunch one day to the #brownbagit campaign.

There's a pool of recipes that have been created by chefs across the country for lunches that are affordable, wholesome and delicious. Get cooking and post your yummy homemade lunch on social media with the hashtag #brownbagit. Your donation will help to ensure that all Canadians have access to the delicious bounty that our land offers up. Let's work together to end hunger in Canada!

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