Take Back the Tray Launch Video

Take Back the Tray Launch Video

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Joshna Maharaj






Hello! Thanks for visiting!


I'm Joshna and I'm a chef & activist. What does that mean? It means that I'm a chef who is interested in the state of our food system, and how everybody eats, from day to day, when they're not at restaurants.


I hope to inspire people to make better friends with food, because I think that a richer, happier, more nourished life is possible with a deeper connection to your food and the people who move it from field to kitchen to table.

I work with communities, organizations and institutions to build value-based food services that prioritize good food, hospitality and sustainability. I believe chefs can help people and communities transform with stronger connections to their food and I'm always on the lookout for fresh, new ways to do this!

For me, food is about nourishment, joy and connection. I am blissfully happy in the kitchen, by myself, or feeding a happy, hungry crowd of my people.

I'm using social gastronomy to rebuild our food system, increase people's access to good food and help everyone have more fun in the kitchen. Join me here for ideas and inspirations as I grow this delicious movement!


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Eating locally ties us to a place.

It gives us roots in the community where we live.

It makes us think about other people, and how we’re connected.

It puts us in touch with a life force we can’t find anywhere else.

Why Eat Local Food?


What Do I Do?

I use food as a tool for change. I am a big ideas person, so a lot of what I do is about inspiring and facilitating shifts in thinking about how we grow, sell, move, cook, and serve food in public institutions, and in our own homes. I want to revalue the chain of hands involved in moving food from field to kitchen to table.

I build new visions for food programs that prioritize hospitality and sustainability. I train teams on cooking skills, local sourcing, change making, communication, menu development, and kitchen management.


I help organizations build values-based procurement policy, and believe strongly that public resources should be intentionally invested in supporting local small business and agriculture.

I speak publicly about our relationship with food, the way forward for institutional food, the case for local eating & sustainability, and the opportunity chefs have to be agents of social change.

I teach people how to be confident, intuitive cooks, to inspire them to spend more time in the kitchen, around a table, and in a garden.

I am a chef with no restaurant, working to connect the joy, flavour, and beauty of gastronomy with our everyday lives.

Let's change the way we eat.
Let's change the way we live.
Let's change the way we treat each other.